Apostle Danielle Williams

Apostle Danielle R. Williams 

was born and raised in Chicago , IL .  She received the call of salvation at the age of 20 and has been on the "road of recovery" ever since.  She is the Pastor of Army Of the Lord Ministry where she serves alongside her husband Apostle Michael J. Williams.  She is the Founder of Destined By Design Custom Jewelry and Regional Manager of the Central East Service Region for UnitedHealthcare.  

She has a great desire to see the Women of God step into the fullness of their gifts and calls.  Praying that no matter what challenges women face as they are finding out their gifts and talents, discovering and becoming strengthened in their call, or endeavoring to establish their identity, that they receive all the training and tools necessary to live with grace, dignity, integrity, and honesty.

She is motivated by training and uplifting those who have a desire to transition from a place of hopelessness and helplessness to a place of strength and might, knowing that God is not a respector of persons and if he did it for her he will surely do it for all those who have the humility to ask.  She also had a great desire and ambition to see the power of the kingdom of darkness stopped in the lives of many and the blessing of the Kingdom of God released back into bloodlines so that many generations can once again obtain the great and precious promises that the Lord guarantees.

She yearns for the continual presence of the Lord to be seen and felt in her life, and seeks to give Him the preeminence in every area.  As she continues her journey with God, she considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to minister to and with the awesome women of God that He has placed in her life.

It is the cry of her heart to help the powerless, and fearful transition to having victory in the Kingdom through the Word of God.  She believes that there is power in the Word, and as we apply ourselves together to dive into it, we will reach depths that we never could have imagined and experience God in ways that we never could have deserved.

She graduated from Zion Holy City of God Bible College in January of 2004 with a Certificate in Biblical Studies and returned to school to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Theological Studies through Share-A-Prayer Word and Theological School of Ministry in August of 2011.  She Pastored Zion Holy City of God Ministry for 5 years, prior to becoming the Pastor of A.O.L. in 2013.  She has an Associates Degree in Executive Accounting, and has operated in the Customer Service Industry for over 20 years, in Non-Profit Organizations, the Banking Industry, the Manufacturing Industry, and the Health Care Industry.  

Her greatest desire is to continue to do the Lord's will whether it be in the Kingdom or in the field.  She will continue to submit herself under the mighty hand of God so that he can exhalt her in due season to whatever position or role he see's fit.

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